Monday, October 02, 2006


Since the rest of you have put yourselves out there I figured I'd climb aboard and post my first blog.

As you all know I am in my sixth year of being a stringer(I like that title) here in New York. I pretty much work for the New York Times and for the last two years Reuters. Between the two I get to cover a wide variety of things. Just to keep it interesting I have also been a volunteer photographer for NGO's like IOM and Operation Smile. In the last few years I've gotten to cover things like the RNC, the US Open, the elections in Haiti, recovery after the tsunami, and the life of a slain taxi driver in Afghanistan.

I guess I have been very lucky to have stumbled onto photography. It's changed my life, giving me a chance to see thing that most peole only dream of.

That being said, I would not be at this place if it were not for this workshop. Coming to Eddie Adams helped me turn a corner. I was inspired to work harder, be more creative, and trust myself as a photographer. For that I owe first Eddie Adams, and then Bill Frakes and Jimmy Colton a debt of gratitude. Not only with my career, but in life in gerneral. I have a pretty big extend family which you are all now a part of. You are my sixth team and as of Friday I will now have 59 brothers and sister. That does not even include the rest of the folks that are on the Black Team or the rest of the faculty. Through this work I've seen the world, made best friends, and even met my wife.

I'll see you all on Friday.



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