Monday, June 23, 2008


Catching the Mat

My dark mood is somewhat on the run thanks to a brief flash of sunlight today. Could this be the start of something new? Would I see the sun or was God just messing with my head? I've seen glimmers of it today as it peeks through the tiny holes in the clouds. I am still waiting for call backs on stories I want to work on. I am trying to have patience since a bit of sun is giving me some relief from my Tri-X blues. Hell really is other people and their quirky whims. The irony of my next project is it would take me from the outside world and put me in an environment with florescent light mixed with window light. If ever there was a time to need Tri-X? I am not sure why all of the film analogies are coming up lately. Do I really miss the stuff that much? Certainly not the smell of D-76 or Dektol or whatever developer was on sale that week. Maybe I am a little sick of the instant gratification digital gives me. It's made me more impatient with each technological advancement. Gimme, gimme, now, now, now. I like to think I was more patient at one point but that may be looking at my memories through rose colored glasses. Waiting for a return phone call right now is slowly killing me. It's been two days since I put in a request and all I've done is shoot matatus(cheap vans system everyone uses to get around). 6 days left and I am suddenly feeling like the stop watch is ticking on my time here. At least I can sort of see the sun today. 

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