Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am using weather as an excuse for being a few days behind in my weekly posting. I have been living with drab weather for the last week and a half and was advised "Enough with the black and white!!!!! You're in Africa for crying out loud." Normally I would agree, but it's been cloudy and dreary and I am in a dark mood with a heavy heart despite my good fortune of being here. I have not seen the sun for a week now and I am in a Tri-X state of mind(If you can consider the monochrome setting on my 5D a reasonable facsimile). I really do miss film.

The dark days have made my mood nearly as dark. On top of it no one returns phone calls when doing research and subjects always want money(I'm so shocked). I'm trying, trying to get out of theTri-X state of mind and back to a Fujichrome one. At least I can count on the night life, fine dining, good company, and surprisingly good South African wine with my roommates to make being Tri-Xy easier to bear. We'll see if the sun comes out before I leave Kenya in 14 days. Should adventure ever come to an end? I got to get out of this mood. More later.

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