Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last time I talked about creativity vs. making a living and about how lately I get paying work at times I had scheduled for personal work. Blah, blah, blah. I came to a pretty quick realization that this is a cop out. I think I am in the club of photographers that cries the blues when it's slow and work is at a premium, but I am also one that belly aches about "not being able to pursue my creative vision man!" or "there aren't enough hours in the day" when I do get work. I also realize that I spend a little too much time in bars, on instant messenger, or watching Law & Order. So to prove a point for I shut off the TV, I skipped drinks with friends and shut down my computer(at least for a few hours). Instead I packed up the 4x5 and headed off to Coney Island with my good friend and fellow traveller Lucian Read to find the people that make Coney Island, well Coney Island. It's nice having a best friend do what you do and one who has a similar idea in mind. It gives you a support system and you get to play assistant for each other. He was also the person that got me out of my funk. By making me feel guilty and lazy with a polite "whatever man" when I said I did not have the time he managed to push me out the door and into a summer time project at the beach that I am really enjoying. I always say we are in this together but rarely do I act like I am in it for myself. Instead I give the advise I never take. I am finally listening my own advise by taking the helping hand of a friend when I needed an extra push to make me do more for myself. Besides the the days with that great summer light are getting shorter and shorter and I can find Law & Order pretty much anytime.


Smeck said...

I really admire your pictures. Your use of lens is very eye-catching.

allen3m said...

now that's what i'm talking about!

mustafah said...

these are sick!