Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The last week has really been an exercise in how resourceful I can be on very little sleep. I've been to six different states chasing the Obama campaign for Bloomberg. There is something to be said for losing my spot on the press plane. I've gotten to challenge myself daily in trying to make it to the next event in some other state at the last minute. I've had to pick and choose where I think the best event of the day will be as I have very little time to file, travel to the next event and still make it to the next state before the campaign does. I have spent more time in airports, hotels(although an average 3 hours a night), and rental cars than I have photographing. So much so that I think I am falling for the voice of the woman on my GPS. I am really tired but this is worth it.

I have met tons of people as I said in the last post. One in particular stood out for me the other day. As I have mentioned as nauseum I spent months in Iowa last year covering the run up to their caucus. Three days ago or was it yesterday. Wow it's hard to remember. Anyway, I ran into Peggy, a woman I would see at campaign stops everywhere last year. She listened to every candidate. In the end she caucused for Hillary. She is now knocking on doors for the Obama campaign. She said she was happy to see me and to know that I was still doing this. It made me especially proud to be recognized by someone who takes the political process so seriously. 

I did get a treat last Wednesday by being able to join up with Ron Antonelli from the Daily News. Ron and I started out at the News together as freelancers nine long years ago. It's nice to reconnect. We have been going in different directions for the last several years and don't get to see each other as often as we did when were using film. By writing this Gary He will mock me for getting emo on the blog again, but I am about to get a front row seat to history and low and behold it's with one of my best friends. You can't ask for much more than that in this business. Today is the day. It's election day and I am not only here with Ron but with most of the people I worked with in Iowa. Michal, Eric, Allison, Yana, and Josh. We've been through a lot the past year. Up, down, and sideways but here we are at the goal line. 16 or so hours to go. What will I do tomorrow.


PhotoJournal said...

You made it! Good job.

Burcu said...


Love from Turkey!!!

Marie said...

Hi Keith, Its Ron. I was just messing around and saw this blog entry. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Those two weeks together were great. I am so glad I got to cover that with you. I miss you. Hope to see you soon.